Zealous idiot

Pat Robertson tells residents of Dover, PA, that they have forsaken God by forcing a school board out of office because they endorsed so-called "intelligent design".
I’m not a Christian, but I went to a Christian school. There I learnt that the Christian God is a merciful one. So, let’s take these ridiculous assumptions as being true:

  • God exists.
  • Pat Robertson is right about intelligent design – evolutionary theory is heretical claptrap.
  • Some naturally-occurring disaster befalls Dover.

What will happen? The all-forgiving God will forgive the people of Dover on judgement day. The American nation will come to their aid (even if the American government is a bit slow off the mark) in their time of need. Robertson will burn in hell for preaching such un-Christian hateful nonsense.
How does this man get the support (and money) of so many Americans? Are they really that stupid, ignorant and small-minded?

4 Replies to “Zealous idiot”

  1. Matt – thank goodness for sensible Americans like your good self.
    Anne – all hail the flying spaghetti monster!
    Bertie – great article – thanks for the link. It’s good to know the He has come round to my way of thinking.

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