Bored already?

Hels has now officially finished work. She has a little bit of holiday to use up, then her company’s Christmas holiday and then her official maternity leave begins – but, in effect, her maternity leave begins now.
Of course, once the baby arrives, there’ll be no shortage of things to do. But, in the meantime, she’s now engaged in some sort of phoney war preceding the onslaught of the nappy hordes. I give her three days before she is bored rigid.

UPDATE: three days? More like three hours!

6 Replies to “Bored already?”

  1. Jan 22nd! Blimey… I would’ve sworn it was only a couple of months ago that you were breaking the news…

    Lest I forget (for I shall) have the merriest of Christmases, and we already know you are going to have a happy (if sleepless) New Year!

  2. Wow! Not long at all!! You must both be so excited! You’ll have to make sure Hels has plenty of rest now because there won’t be any time for that when the baby comes 🙂

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