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I’ve been invited to be interviewed on Radio Kent on Saturday morning (Radio Kent being rather imprecisely named as it covers a not inconsiderable part of Sussex). The Pat Marsh show is doing a feature on blogs and blogging between 11.15 and 11.45 and wanted me to chat on that subject, but I’ve declined the invitation as I’m keeping my diary clear in case I have to take H to the hospital at a moment’s notice (the baby being due to arrive any day now). But it might be worth listening to – I hope they don’t focus too much on the geeky and egotistical aspects of blogging and talk a little about their value for information and community (two factors which have always been and probably always will be sadly lacking from this site!).

And we all remember the issue of Computer Active for 3 May 2001 that featured this site, don’t we?

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  1. Oh now, even Rise featured in Computer Active. The radio is much more impressive, but they must have been very disappointed not to get Graybo. Who stood in for you?

  2. I got a half page in Computer Active and it was something of a character assassination by the writer concerned. So I was rather put off of that particular publication.

    I’ve done radio before, in other contexts, for BBC Brighton (as it was then), BBC Southern Counties (as it later became) and the wonder that is Spirit FM. I’ve also done TV twice too, again in other contexts, including a four minute slot on BBC Two which I am told gets repeated on UK Living or something every now and then.

    No idea who my stand-in will be. Needs to be someone from Kent or East Sussex – if you’re quick, I’ll forward suggestions to the producer.

  3. He also came to me, although since my blog is currently dying a death due to lack of time I don’t think I would be a particularly good representative…

  4. And of course I started blogging because of your damn article in Computeractive, but luckily I’ve now come to my senses by taking a hiatus. In the blog, not the hernia department.

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