New born Tom

New born Tom

Please welcome Thomas Oliver Henry to the world. Born at 5.18pm on Monday 23rd January, Tom weighed a “healthy” 9lb 8.2oz, as proven by this photograph. That’s 4.32 kilograms if you like that.

I’ll have more to tell you in due course, but for now it is enough to say that mother and baby are doing well, are now at home and in need of much rest. And Dad is very very proud.

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  1. Hi Graham

    I’ve been checking the site since your mum passed on the good news. It’s lovely to see the photo so soon. He’s gorgeous (natch). The very best wishes and good luck to you all. Wow, when I met you, you were single – now you’re a party of 5! Excellent progress. Please pass on my congrats to Helen.

    Jane P


  2. Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the world, it’s probably a bit scary at the moment but don’t worry, you’ve got a great Mum and Dad to look after you. Mind you, at 9lb odd I’m sure you can take care of yourself already! Ruler of the nursery I bet.

    And tell your parents that myself and Louise said Congratulations.

    Gordon (who you don’t know but who is delighted you’ve arrived)

  3. Many congratulation to you both and “Hello Tom”. I am so pleased for you. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this happiness more than you.

    Of course, there’s no better environment for a baby than in it’s own cot with an attached conservatory!!!!!

  4. You didn’t waste much time getting the camera out did you – he must be less than a few minutes old here! Many congratulation from Nick, Anne and wee Sophie

  5. Mr and Mrs Spencer you have a beautiful son!

    I have never commented on your blog before but as a Sussex mum of three boys I am so delighted for you both and had to wish you all well. I have enjoyed your blog so much and your picture of little Tom has made us all smile.

    We shall look across the downs and see the rays of happiness and joy rise high into the sky above Ruralville.

  6. Congrats! What a beautiful baby boy! Please keep posting pictures!

    Love – Andi, David and Baby Kate

  7. Congratulations – I hope Hels is recovering happily and you’re both enjoying being a family. In fact, you’re all three enjoying being a family. I’m looking forward to future updates.

  8. Congratulations to you both! Having experienced what my better half went through delivering our 9lb 3oz’er, Helen has my sympathies. Now the fun really starts… πŸ™‚

  9. Hey mister, belated congratulations! He looks great. Consider this a virtual cigar and an e-pat on the back.

    R πŸ™‚

  10. Congrates from the other side of the world cousin. Pity you couldn’t of waited another day Helen, Tom would have shared his birthday with me. Best wishes from all the family in NZ.

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