Technology problem

Yesterday, my laptop automatically downloaded updates from I reviewed the updates and installed them all. Nothing unusual there.

But now I have a problem which, prior to that installation, I had never experienced. If I try to open or save any file in any Office application, the file directory window pops-up as normal, but if I click on any folder in that window, the application locks up and I get an “application not responding” error.

I use Office applications about, oooh, 50 times a day. So this is a serious problem. Suggestions? (If anyone says “buy a Mac”, I’ll tear them limb from limb). I’ve reported the error to Microsoft and also requested email support.

EDIT: I’ve performed a system restore back to the restore point created when I booted up yesterday morning, and all now seems to be working correctly. When Windows Update offers up the updates again, I’m going to decline them, I think.

FURTHER EDIT: updates installed, problem solved. Thanks to Mr LMG (see comments).

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  1. Hmmmmm

    A friend had similar problems this week. I got her to disable the “Places bar” (the bar on the left in the Open/Save dialog) using TweakUI. Solved her problem. Might be related???

  2. There must be tens of thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands of Windows users with HP kit attached who will be having this same problem – and must be at the point of hurling their PCs through a window. Most, I’ll be bound, wouldn’t want to go rummaging around in the registry to fix it, either.

    Microsoft: deduct ten points for issuing an update with this problem.

  3. Nothing to do with your laptop woes………but researching something I found an entry of yours back in 2002 about Zachary Merton.

    By any chance did you get down there to take some pics ?? Am looking for some as I too first saw daylight from that place !!


    Claire from Oz

  4. Hi Claire – I didn’t get to Zachary Merton to take pictures, sadly. I’ll try and take a detour that way next time I’m travelling in that direction and see what is there.

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