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Here’s a question for all of you who know about this sort of thing. My camera can record video in Quicktime .MOV format and I’ve used it to record Tom. The problem is, I’ve held the camera in portrait position (as Tom, when being held by his mum, is more vertical than horizontal).

When we play back the video using Quicktime viewer on the laptop, we can see him beautifully and hear his gurgling noises wonderfully. However, we see him beautifully in landscape format – he’s on his side. Nowhere in the Quicktime controls (I’m using the free download, not the Pro version) is there a "rotate" control.

Any ideas for either:

  • a player that can view .MOV files and rotate them (preferably a free player), or
  • a player that can play other formats and rotate them, and a converter to convert from .MOV to the appropriate format (can Windows Movie Maker rotate? if so, I have that, but need a (preferably free) conversion tool).


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  1. Quicktime Pro isn’t free, but it can rotate movies.

    If you can find a way to convert it to AVI or MPEG then I understand that there is a product called VideoMach which can rotate these, and it’s free for a trial period.

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