• Grunty Muck-Lane has a rant about people getting his name wrong. I have the same problem with Graeme Spenser.
  • Towns across Europe are removing road signs, wholesale. The Dutch, in particular, are less profligate with road signs than we are in nanny-state Britain, but Hungary tops the list of countries I have visited recently for roadsignlessness. via linkbunnies.
  • Looks like we need to buy one of these now that Tom has discovered forward gear when crawling. I’ve been sitting in the conservatory typing this and he has just got halfway here from the living room to see what I’m up to. And I’ve noticed that he is useful for getting the dust from under the stairs – it’s only a matter of time before I can start sending him up chimneys.
  • America may finally embrace a dollar coin. About time, in my view. I think there will soon be some enthusiasm here to see the £5 and €5 notes replaced with coins, as they get tatty so quickly.

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  1. They do have US dollar coins, but I have only ever received them, and rarely, as change from subway ticket vending machines, and people peer suspiciously at them whenever I use them.

    The idea of widespread dollar coins has been ridiculed a fair bit. I keep thinking what it would be like to have pound notes again…pretty odd, I think.

  2. Yes, I’ve seen the coins too, but rarely. The article I linked to implied that people (encouraged by vending machine and parking meter manufacturers) might finally be ready to adopt them. The thing is, if the coin/note choice was removed, once people got used to them they wouldn’t think twice about it, just as we have with pound coins.

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