Wine tasting classes

The French governing party, the UMP, has suggested that children should be taught to appreciate wines when in school¬†– which doesn’t strike me as half as daft as it might first appear. I’m not sure about wine alone, but there could be something in encouraging kids to learn more about art, literature, architecture, food and drink – to be able to critically appraise it and understand its origins. Of course, some of this sort of stuff is taught already as part of a wider education, but I know from my own industry that plenty of kids seem to come out of school with no idea where food comes from, what art is “about” and why architecture is important. Even my own wife can’t tell the difference between sage, marjoram and tarragon growing in our herb trough outside the door.

I have no doubt that having a greater understanding of these things helps you to look beyond yourself, understand the world around you and further appreciate the inter-relationships between so many things in life. That has to be no bad thing, in my view.

Anyway, in other news we have today found out that we will not be liable for Capital Gains Tax when Hels finally sells her flat in the spring, which means that we are tonight celebrating with gin and tonics, noting the subtlety of the fine gin, the delicate tang of the quinine and the sharp twist of lime (or getting drunk, you decide).

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  1. Tells you something about our respective education systems. Half ours can’t read so would be lost even looking at the label!

    And i’m feling pretty good about things. I would recognise tarragon and sage so the other must be marjoram by elimination. I’d make you a wonderful wife! Beware though, you may only be letting Hels go as far as the herb trough in the garden but if you aren’t careful that wife of yours will be expecting to actually leave the boundaries of the house, possibly even without your permission!!!! Get a grip.

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