Hmm. Looks like the publishing thingy is borked again, after successfully publishing one link only. So it’s time to look for an alternative solution.

Thankfully, I see that Gordon has linked to this one. However, it requires WP2.5, so it looks like I must finally get around to that upgrade that I’ve been putting off for, well, forever. It would be helpful if I actually read anything – this plugin posts things to from your WP blog, not the other way around. Look, I was still in a meeting at 12.20am this morning (yes, you read that correctly), so I’m not firing on all cylinders this morning, ok?

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  1. The plug ins doesn’t require WordPress 2.5. You can use it on other versions, its just that to use tags you must have WordPress 2.5 as it only suppowrds WordPress 2.5 tags, not UTW or other tagging plug ins.

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