Music without spectacles

I’m probably years behind all you cool kids that read this blog (yes, both of you) – I’ve just ordered a cable to connect my laptop to the hi-fi so that I can listen to music (particularly radio streams) without either the tinniness of the built-in speakers or the inconvenience of headphones.

One of the problems I’ve found with listening to music on my laptop is that I want to know what I’m listening to. Both WinAmp (which is suffering terrible bloat these days) and iTunes (which always was bloated) display what you are listening to – but in teeny tiny text that can only be read by wandering from wherever you happen to be (in my case, by the filing cabinet with headphones on, doing the filing on a loooong cable) over to the laptop and then squinting at the screen (and, quite possibly, fetching the player out of the system tray).

What I’d really like is a plugin for iTunes or WinAmp (or, perhaps, another player if it offers this function and doesn’t suffer from bloat) that displays the artist and title information (perhaps also song duration/time played) in fullscreen lovelybigtext™ that can be read from across the room. This is going to be particularly useful for dinner/party/dinner party occasions when I don’t want to keep leaping up from my chair/the hob to answer the “that’s good music – what is it?” question.

Any suggestions?

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  1. For windows?

    Easiest way – Download Samurize, you can then configure it to display whatever information you like, control the font size and whatnot.

    Hell, download Samurize, tell me what you want and I’ll mockup a quick start config for ya!

  2. Probably not of any use to you, but that’s exactly what happens when you use ‘front row’ on a mac (i’m only a recent convert, and certainly not a fanboy). Given that it’s apple’s version of media centre, it might be worth having a root around based on that. You could, of course, make the switch…

    So…. Um no help really…. Sorry!

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