Cheeky blighters!

Some cheeky blighter has used my work Visa card for nefarious purposes.

Apparently the cunning chaps use new fangled computer thingies to put bunches of random 16-digit card numbers and expiry dates into iTunes to purchase songs. When one works, they know that they have a valid card number/expiry date combo and can go shopping.

Thankfully, those clever boffins at the NatWest also use them there computing machines and spotted that, with my work Visa, I’m unlikely to purchase songs on iTunes and then go shopping for t-shirts from a luxury Japanese clothing company. (Of course, with my personal Visa, anything is possible). Consequently, when I was trying to make a purchase this afternoon, I had to get on the blower to convince the NatWest that I am the real me. They kindly suggest that I feed my current card to a pack of wild dogs and await the delivery of a shiny new card. Meanwhile, they’ve refunded the undesired transactions to my account, made sure that the cheeky blighters can’t make any more transcations (apparently they had already tried, twice) and have been awfully helpful.

Dastardly scamps! They should be hung by their thumbs from the nearest mighty oak!

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