post-pub blogging is always a

post-pub blogging is always a dangerous thing to do, but here goes anyway….
in answer to my dear friend Robyn‘s ponderings, Deckert’s first name was Frank. I know because I flicked through the book once whilst in Borders in Brighton, so therefore I am an authority. And, yes, I was disappointed too.
Tonight, I had a brilliant evening thanks to DA, DAGS, Kearn, Paul F and James W, with support from Claudette and Kristian – occasionally it is really good to know who your friends are. Unfortunately the college crowd couldn’t make it in the end, but we plan a drinks session for a couple of weeks time. I’m in a much better mood now, although I seriously still miss Andrea. But, hey, I don’t think that she is ever going to come back to me, so maybe it is time to be more forward looking. And thanks to Sarah P too, for being cheery in the text message department.
Obviously I’ll be as miserable as sin tomorrow when I’m in hangover central, but I’m making the most of this whilst it lasts.
Also, kudos to Tom for mentioning Carolus Linneaus, bane of the life of any horticulturalist like me.
And, interestingly, since everything involving Andrea blew up, and word spread that I had blogged it, I have received two requests for paid work to design/construct websites – for money! As someone who has only ever designed websites as an aside to proper work or as a glorified hobby, this is hugely flattering, and something I may just take up (after not a little consideration).