ok, weekend report: Friday went

ok, weekend report:
went out (with some apprehension which was, ultimately, not justified) to the bar and then on to the Nag’s to see Paul F and the band play. Bumped into Jo and there was also the usual crowd there, which was nice. All, as usual, did their level best to keep me cheerful, and overall were pretty successful.
stirred really quite early and caught train to London. met up with my cousin Gemma at Victoria and went for coffee in Covent Garden, a mooch around the National Gallery, lunch in Soho, shopping on Regents Street, drinks in Soho, dinner in Blackheath (where Gemma lives), drinks in Blackheath and then crashed at hers. I say “crashed”, as we started drinking at 4ish and by the time we got there we were pretty trollied.
stirred quite late (although it was still morning, so I guess that isn’t bad following our exploits the previous day) and zombied our way into town. Went to the British Museum and zombied our way through some of the rooms after having lunch in the new Great Court (which is very impressive). Then we zombied into the restaurant and zombied some tea, followed by zombie-ing round a few more rooms. Got to around 5pm and gave up, both feeling utterly knackered and also worried about getting home easily with impending tube strike.
Thanks Gemma – great weekend. Cheered me up quite a bit, although there was a moment or two when I really wished that a certain someone was there too, even if that certain someone would have *hated* the “old stuff”. The worst moment was at Victoria, waiting for my train back home – god, Victoria can be *so* depressing.
Anyway, got back home and then headed down to W2 for a private party to which I had been sort-of invited. It was good – a few friends, a few beers (livvvveeeerrr!) and a spot of relaxation before crashing into bed around 12.