whilst staying at Gemma’s, I

whilst staying at Gemma’s, I had a very bizarre dream….it went something like this:
I was in the metalwork workshop at my old secondary school. I wasn’t actually there – no corporeal presence – but I could see and hear everything. It had been converted into a science lab. It was a beautiful day – I could see the perfect blue sky through the skylight. The room was populated by a tutor and several students. I became aware of a helicopter in the sky. The thing that struck me most about the helicopter was that it was white – pure, perfect, pristine, brilliant, unblemished white.
The helicopter flew down, and was attempting to land on the roof of the building. But it wasn’t going well, and one of the skids smashed through the skylight, sending glass everywhere. Everyone just stood transfixed – no screaming, no panic. The helicopter toppled over the edge of the roof, the rotor still turning, burning aviation fuel pouring everywhere, billowing black smoke, grey steam and bright orange flame. And yet the helicopter remained perfectly, beautifully, utterly, brilliantly…white and I was transfixed.

Now what the heck does that all mean? Interpretations welcome.