wow! what a productive evening.

wow! what a productive evening. Not only did I sort out this PC, but I also painted the bathroom walls AND made it to see the last 40 minutes of tonight’s gig by Could Be Good. Paul splendidly came up with a new version of Walking The Dog, since I was there: yes, laydeeez and gennermen, tonight saw the world premiere of “Walking The Blog”. Cheers mate.
So, all that remains is to sit and listen to the last 45 minutes of John Peel (excellent Low track just been played), poke about the net for a while, and then go to bed. I’m in a remarkably good mood, partly because of Paul’s song, partly because my optimism has been renewed (not sure quite why!), partly because I got so much done again this evening, and partly because I’ve had two pints of good beer. I hope you’re feeling good too.