Once I eventually got home

Once I eventually got home last night and tucked up under EvilDuvet II, I had a very bizarre dream involving a couple of blogging types. I was travelling into Chichester on the train in the company of Simon. We got off the train, and I walked up on to a grassy hill by the station (about where the multi-storey car park is) where we met Sarah, who was sunbathing in a one-piece black swimsuit (behaviour less typical of Sarah is hard to imagine). Simon produced a rather blunt looking table knife covered in jam and stabbed her, which was mildly shocking, and then made off on foot. But it was ok, because he was apprehended by a policeman (played by Dan) on a grocer’s bicycle, wearing a traditional uniform complete with cape. Meanwhile, Sarah and I caught an open-topped double-decker bus to West Wittering where we planned to do some whale watching, but on arrival found only a holiday village filled with very old people (well, at least that bit was plausible).
I really mustn’t eat BK XL Bacon Double Cheeseburgers so close to bedtime.