Everybody is linking to this,

Everybody is linking to this, a list of 100 albums that, according to the compilers, you should throw away. I only own two of the albums: Heaven or Las Vegas by the Cocteau Twins, which is a very good album if not the best that they ever did (which is probably Treasure or Blue Bell Knoll – ask me tomorrow for a different answer) and Songs In A Minor by Alicia Keys, which I can honestly say is an excellent album, even if I did buy it for sentimental reasons.
I have no plans to throw either album away.
I’d say to anyone reading the list – don’t throw away your albums. I have a copy of Beverley Craven’s eponymous album, and much as I detest it now, I wouldn’t throw or give it away. It represents a time in my life when my outlook, expectations and tastes were different to the way they are now. I’m sure that 12 years from now I will detest the Amon Tobin album that I’m listening to as I type this, but I won’t throw it away. Maybe I’m just a hoarder.