To make up for the

To make up for the lack of progress with the window planning application today, I’ve been ultra-productive in other areas. This morning involved an extensive shopping trip around the city, leading to purchases at Waterstones (watch the “current reading” list), Army and Navy (a long-sleeve t-shirt and a brilliant new jacket, both reduced by 50% in the summer sale), some odds and ends (highly exciting – I won’t bore you with them) and a birthday/housewarming gift (the selection of which was a little prolonged as my first choice gift wasn’t available).
After all that, I came home, had a spot of lunch, and then stripped the kitchen bare, washed the walls down (a major undertaking), removed the abominable blind from the window, and slapped on the first coat of ivory paint. It’ll need a second coat as the original colour shows through (you’ll find it on Dulux colour charts labelled “Hideous Pink”). I’ve also to paint the ceiling, replace the light fitting and fill a couple of holes I overlooked in the wall alongside the fridge. And then there is the small matter of the replacement taps, the new floorboards and new carpet – but I promise you, it looks a hell of lot better for a lick of paint!
Now to head to the Chinese for a takeaway, then freshen up and head down to Brookes for some light refreshment.