Well, I was going to

Well, I was going to start painting the skirting in the hall, but got to thinking that I could deal with the hall and the hall cupboard at the same time. My hall cupboard is the last great neglected corner of this flat – all I’ve done with it since I moved in is to fill it with stuff that I didn’t want to deal with properly at the time. Consequently, it is full of old papers, boxes of ancient clothes, empty cartons that things like my coffee machine came in and my spare duvet (Evil Duvet II). Most of the papers are no longer important, and so are heading to the bin. The vast majority of the clothes are either unwearable (tip), no longer fit me (charity shop) or are waaaay out of fashion (charity shop too). However, I’ve stumbled across a few shirts that are certainly good enough to be worn around the nursery, which is a good thing, as I was looking at having to buy two or three cheap shirts for that purpose.
I’m about half way through the task. So far I’ve dealt with a ton of loose items and six storage boxes. The things I’ve saved so far will fit back into just one of those boxes. The rest is in a pile of bin bags blocking the hall – I think I need to go to the nursery and fetch the car so I can take this lot to the tip.