The last few days in bullet points:

  • a few hours wandering around Arundel, featuring the ducks of Swanbourne Lake; Belinda’s Tea Rooms (not recommended unless you enjoy microwaved food); a wander around the cathedral, surely one of the finest Roman Catholic cathedrals in the country; and a considerable amount of time browsing the excellent Sparks Yard General Store in Tarrant Street.
  • Much food and drink with Sarah and Paul, including a pistachio explosion.
  • Lunch with the family at the Spur.
  • An excellent walk in Baycombe Woods and through Slindon village, with a fantastic sunset, and a pause to purchase an Uchiki Kuri from Mr Upton’s famous squash and pumpkin garden, which Hels plans to use in a soup this weekend.

5 Replies to “Weekend”

  1. A pistachio explosion is what you get when a very drunk woman comes into contact with a large bowl of pistachio nuts. I think it is some sort of chemical reaction. I’m sure there is a scientific explanation.

  2. Good point. It would read better if it was "posted by Brian at time, date" rather than date, time.
    Maybe I should replaced "posted" with some other verb. Hurled? Shouted?

    Any suggestions?

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