Sometimes, bad news comes along in bunches. One of Hels’s friends has lost a baby late in pregnancy. Her sister has lost her job. Her sister’s husband has cut his hand badly in a DIY accident and will be off work for at least ten weeks. Another of her friends is feeling a bit down and depressed with life.
It’s easy to focus on the bad news, to get maudlin, depressed and discouraged by it all. There is only so much support and counselling that a person can give without it taking a toll. But I think it is important to focus on the positive. Hels’s sister is resourceful, so I’m sure she’ll find new work soon. Her brother-in-law’s accident could have been far more serious, and he will make a good recovery given time. Her friend is well in spite of the loss of her baby, and has much to look forward to. The other friend is attractive, strong and intelligent, and will find things improve in time, I’ll be bound.
And there are lots of good things going on, much to anticipate. Another of Hels’s friends has just got a good new job close to home, so will no longer need to commute to The Smoke each day. Other friends have a happy healthy new baby. Yet other friends have the excitement of a new puppy in the house. And then there are all the things going on in our own lives too.

The question is, how do you avoid the negative aspects of life swelling up to overshadow the positives? It’s easy to get swamped by the negativity, particularly when others are seeking support and solace in their own difficulties. Should you even try to be everyone’s counsellor? It’s difficult to say no to a loved one.

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  1. Ohh my I hope you aren’t hoping I have an answer – see my recent misguided comments about platitudes for example… I couldn’t even get THAT point over correctly.

    Sometimes, however, you do have to focus on the ‘bad things’. Occasionally if you are lucky those bad things will have an upside, even if it isn’t recognised now.

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