…your lawful and wedded….

Today, we went to see the bank about a mortgage. Then we went out to a store and purchased a rug and a pot plant, and looked at a selection of beds. After that, we went to some other stores and purchased very similar tops and bemoaned that they didn’t have my size of socks in stock.
This evening, I shall be wearing my carpet slippers and smoking my pipe.

5 Replies to “…your lawful and wedded….”

  1. A mug of horlicks before bedtime and Sing Something Simple to look forward to next Sunday. Perhaps I should be monitoring Radio Grayblog in case you’ve changed all the tracks to Geraldo and his Orchestra and Mantovani.

  2. Er, yes, I see what you mean about getting that Radio 4 documentary now.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with Radio 4, of course. Ahem.

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