Footballing thoughts

So, that means that next season, Brighton will be playing Leeds. I wonder what the Elland Road fans will make of the Withdean?
It also means that Brighton will play against Bobby Zamora at the Hammers, assuming that he doesn’t transfer to another team. I’m sure that at least one other blogger will be "delighted" about that.

7 Replies to “Footballing thoughts”

  1. Yeah, congratulations Mr Spencer sir, on your team’s ability to actually turn in a performance at a play-off final. Jury’s very much out on Mr Zamora, seems short on confidence and trying too hard at the minute. Not looking forward to next season much, to be honest, making us 5-1 favourites seems insane.

  2. The people who have moved into Bobby Zamora’s old house seem to have a penchant for stealing Tesco trolleys. Do you think I should pass this on to Popbitch?

  3. True. And our defence is very poor. Royle’s got a lot of work to do over the summer.
    Ah well. One can dream.

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