Jewels Holland

Jools Holland is playing an open-air concert near Tunbridge Wells soon. I’ve seen him twice before, but never with Sam Brown, who I know to be excellent. Hels has never seen him. But is it possible to justify forking out around £100 for two people for one concert? (I’m including two tickets at £28.50, two "booking fees" at £3.00, a fiver for petrol, £20 for picnic stuff and another fiver for a bottle of wine). Will we get value for money?

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  1. A virtuoso piano player, a woman with a voice that raises goosebumps on my arms, your own choice of food, some nice wine and the woman you love to enjoy it all with? £100 is a steal mate!

  2. I would pay £100 to watch somebody stand beside Jools, while he’s at the piano, and smash the piano lid shut repeatedly on his boogie-woogying fingers, with the satisfying crunch of wood on knuckles.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. But it would be admirable recompense for all those performances he’s ruined on ‘Later’ over the years, by spontaneously joining some artists to ruin their best songs with more plinkety-plonkety piano solos.

    Sorry. Again.

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