Home is where the blog is

I’m sitting in our conservatory, happily blogging in a wireless stylee. I’ve not tested it yet, but I reckon I’ll be able to log into my wireless LAN in the pub. Then I’ll be really happy.
Life is gradually settling down in Graybo Towers. We’ve repainted the lounge, stairway and both bedrooms. The house has been furnished cheaply but stylishly. The new sexy sofas have been ordered and will be delivered in the new year. We’ve got countless jobs still to do on our new home, but we’re getting there. We are both very tired, but we’ve been helped a lot by our family, and we finally managed to relax in our new home this evening – meatballs in tomato sauce, a bottle of Vinho Verde from our trip earlier this year to Lisboa and some lovely music – all by candlelight on our new table. All this coupled with waking up this morning to the view of the horses in the field across the road as well as the peace and solitude of our rural retreat. It feels like our home.

3 Replies to “Home is where the blog is”

  1. I don’t know what makes me happier to hear. The fact that you guys are so happy or that you might be able to get WiFi access from the pub…

    The romantic geek. That’s me.

  2. So are you back at work yet, or are you a gentleman of leisure spending your life in the pub and relaxing in the conservatory.

  3. Well, I’m doing some work. I’ve also been spending a bit of time doing house things. Hopefully from today (Wednesday) onwards, I’ll be able to get the work/non-work balance back to where it should be.

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