I’ve found a downside to our new home. Whilst our neighbour’s dog’s kennel is well within range of my WiFi, he doesn’t seem to have appreciated the fact. Instead of spending his time looking at the latest doggy fashions on his pooch-friendly laptop, he sits barking. A lot.
In all seriousness, his owners chain him to his kennel when they leave in the morning, and the poor little fella sits there barking for an hour or so until he settles down. I don’t think it’s very fair on the dog – his kennel doesn’t look overly warm or comfortable, and he’s on his own for a large part of the day.
So, what should I do? Get some doggies treats to give to him to keep him quiet? Speak to the neighbours about it? Or call the RSPCA inspector out?

One Reply to “Downside”

  1. I’d say speak to the neighbours, certainly before you call the RSPCA. Although you could contact them theoretically to find out if it’s generally considered ok to leave a dog tied up all day.

    I used to live next to a huge dog that was shut in the garden whenever its owners went out, and barked the whole time. Of course, it stopped when they came back, so they had no idea that it caused such a disturbance. It was bad enough to prevent me from sitting comfortably in my own garden.

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