Because you need kittens…

Treacle in the living room. She’s gradually getting more confident, but still very much prefers to do things on her own terms and keeps herself to herself.
Monty, on the other hand, is a riot on four legs.

3 Replies to “Because you need kittens…”

  1. Cute. We have a black kitten called Treacle too. When we got him, we thought he was a girl, but at his first check up at the Vets, turns out he was a boy. Kept the name though.

    His bits are being cut off next week, as he’s nearly seven months old now. Aww.

  2. Monty is due to have his done in about eight weeks from now. Treacle is going to be "done" too around the same time. As the lady from the RSPCA put it, there are enough kittens in the world already.

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