What the fox hat?

Spotted in a field near home the other day:
answers on a postcard
It is shown on the OS map as a "beacon" but what sort of beacon exactly? Is it a landing marker for UFOs? Is it, in fact, a crashed UFO? Will my brain be fried if I walk near it again?
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  1. Yes, your brain may well be fried if you go close. I think it is a DME, for the direction of aircraft. Can’t remember what DME stands for as I am no good at TLA’s. There is one on the end of Goodwood airfield also, and I suspect they are all tied in to Swanwick.

  2. An anorak speaks…..
    DME stands for ‘Distance Measuring Equipment’. Back in the stone age pre GPS pilots used a combination of DME and VOR (Visual Omni Range) to get bearings etc on fixed points. From the look of the antennae it looks very like the VOR beacon at Seaford Head. Planes used to fly from beacon to beacon. I think the system has been discontinued as it was rendered obsolescent overnight with the arrival of satellite navigation.

  3. yep one at goodwood, good for chips and burgers…kebabs a bit shite though, dunno about planes but it makes my head fizzy mmmmmmmmmm

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