Dispassionate history of the swastika. Useful for putting down all the fools who want to see the symbol banned – if you follow their logic, pretty much every symbol should be banned (Union Flag for British atrocities during colonialism; Stars and Stripes for American hegemony [oops – been reading Chomsky toooooo long!]; the hammer and sickle for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan… I could go on…). It is time that nannying politicians stopped messing around at the edges and actually took steps to deal with the issues (for example – if they are so concerned about anti-Semitism, then take greater steps to improve education and tolerance, and also effectively punish those who use violence or desecration to promote such ideas).

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  1. My (as usual – poorly expressed) point was that the symbol is not the problem – the ideology is the problem. Banning the symbol will change nothing.

  2. ‘Twas fine, I got your gist and agree with it.

    My response to:
    Markus Soeder, general secretary of Germany’s Christian Socialist Union opposition, said: ‘In a Europe grounded in peace and freedom there should be no place for Nazi symbols. They should be banned throughout Europe, as they are with good reason in Germany.’

    Was banning for freedom! Orwelian no?

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