Water treatment

I’ve been trying an old trick in an attempt to persuade the kittens not to wreck the houseplants. Each time they start playing with the leaves and damaging them, I dip my fingers into a jug of cold water that I have next to me and flick it over them. So far, I have a shredded palm and a wet floor – plus two damp kittens who don’t give a stuff. Suggestions?

3 Replies to “Water treatment”

  1. My parents used to use spray from the petshop that is supposed to taste vile so the dogs would stop chewing things. Not sure it was certified as ‘palm friendly’ though. Or a supersoaker.

  2. Water pistol or a spray bottle set on “stream.” This works so well that you can merely point a finger at the offenders and they will make a run for it.

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