Top tips for larger businesses

Check the accuracy of your statements. Also, check your prices when you claim to offer own brand goods at prices that are lower than branded items.
For example, yesterday I purchased a windscreen wiper blade for Hels’s car from a well-known retailer of car components. The in-store guide and the packaging both claimed that the blade I selected was the correct one for her car. The part was priced at £8.49.
When I attempted to fit the blade this morning, I found that the fitting on the blade was not compatible with that on the armature. Furthermore, the blade supplied was four inches too long. That is not a small margin of error.
This afternoon I went to a dealer of branded parts for Hels’s car. The very helpful proprietor of the firm was able to provide me with exactly the right component – a genuine original component in a box branded with the car manufacturer’s logo – and didn’t need recourse to parts manuals or computers. The charge was £6.93. Therein lies a lesson.
When I returned the incorrect part to the well-known retailer, the member of staff neither apologised for the inconvenience, nor could he believe that it was the incorrect part. After all, his computer told him that it was the right one, so therefore it must be true.

4 Replies to “Top tips for larger businesses”

  1. You have missed the point about Big buisness,Graybo,they become big by selling you what you DON’T want!
    Aha! that’s a concept!…there was an old phrase in victorian times about the giant mustard conglomerate,Colmans;
    “Colmans got big,by what you left on your plate!”.
    Small buisnesses might be big on customer service but when you’re a big buisness, different dynamics apply.

  2. Well, for this particular large business and this particular customer, it hasn’t worked. I got the wrong product at the wrong price, whereas their smaller competitor sold me the correct product at a better price. Consequently, in future I will go to the smaller business.

  3. Temper,Temper,Graybo,that curry must have heated your blood…try one next time before a rant…giggle..
    !!You might be indignant,however,you would probably not be surprised that most people in the U.K. never complain and would KEEP the wrong part and buy another one rather than take something back!!!Ridiculous but true….

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