More WP woe

Well, the latest is this – the comments are working and the style sheet now shows up on the individual pages. Good-o.
However, the list of categories in the sidebar is no longer in alphabetical order.
Moreover, the links to the categories or archives only take you to the front page, although the URI displayed is correct.
And I still have to insert index.php/ in every URI, in spite of having mod_rewrite on 34sp. I’m confused and tired and more than a bit fed up. Suggestions would be very welcome.

4 Replies to “More WP woe”

  1. If you have mod_rewrite, check the .htaccess file in you wp directory is chmoded to 666, delete its’ content and then recreate your permalinks (it should automatically write to .htaccess).

  2. re. the index.php going in, I’d suspect it’s because all pages start off with index.php and it’s then the variables after it that matter.

    For instance index.php?p=xxx would only select that post numbered xxx. If it’s index.php?a=200412 then it’d do december ’04’s archive, things like that.

    Don’t know if that’ll help, and I’m aware it’s about 36 hours late, but well, better than nowt.

  3. Thanks, Lyle – the problem I have is that it should be possible to create permalinks without the index.php bit (just the code bot, in other words), but that for whatever reason, it won’t work for me.

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