I’ve just done the WordPress upgrade to 1.5. Things are a bit weird – please be patient and I’ll try and resume normal service soon.
UPDATE: comments are down. This, I know for sure, is due to the fact that I have separate style sheets for the main pages and for the comments pages, and now they use a single template – or something. Either way, something is borked. If you want to talk to me, then email.
FURTHER UPDATE: No, I was wrong about the cause. The problem is to do with the permalinks. Now to fix it…
FURTHER FURTHER UPDATE: Comments are still not working. There was a problem with permalinks that now seems to be resolved (I’ve had to prefix all the page links with index.php/ – surely that can’t be right??), but the comments are still not working, even though I’m using the two php scripts supplied with the classic theme (a recommendation made in the forums). I’m feeling mildly frustrated.

8 Replies to “Upgrade”

  1. as you can see, comments are now working. I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to deserve this.

    Now to get the style sheet to show up here.

  2. OK. The style sheet is now showing up, but the formatting has gone out the window. Grr.

  3. Yes, it seems that the old version of Kitten’s Spaminator that I run was causing a problem. I’ve deactivated it and now the comments run ok. Now to see if I can fix this lousyu formatting.

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