BBC election blog

BBC election blog:

In case anyone should accuse us of belatedly getting on the weblog bandwagon, we would (proudly) point out that in the 2001 election, this was the site which brought you The Campaign Today, which in due course became Nick Robinson’s Newslog, both of which showed what a useful, immediate and interactive medium this is.


Burning issue of the day:
Q: What swimwear do the party leaders wear?
A: According to the Independent diary, the leaders told the Easyjet in-flight magazine that Mr Blair sports surf-wear, Mr Howard doesn’t know, and Mr Kennedy replied "Speedos, I think." Speedos?

Could prove to be informative and amusing. However, other election blogs are available.

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  1. I’ll probably do what I did in the last election and go to the polling station and spoil my ballot. I feel insufficient enthusiasm for any of the parties to vote for them because:
    – Labour have been wasteful of tax revenues and took us into war on false pretences. They have also burdened the nation with huge amounts of red tape.
    – the Tories are too anti-European. I’m also unconvinced by their taxation and public spending proposals – whilst there is definitely room for huge savings in improved efficiency and reduced bureaucracy, I’m not sure that the savings they propose are possible. Every government since the dawn of time has said it will make savings – none have delivered on any scale.
    – I am reluctant to vote LibDem as I’m not sure that PR would be an improvement on our existing electoral system (just bad in a different way, with weaker government and more hung parliaments). Also, from a personal and perhaps selfish point of view, we would be about £250 per year worse off if the Council Tax was replaced by a local income tax.

    And, since we have local elections on the same day, I should say what I feel about local issues. Labour don’t really enter the equation in this part of the world, so we have either the Tories, who have guaranteed low Council Tax increases for the next three years (not sure how they can do that when they don’t know what money will be coming from Whitehall, nor what extra burdens may be put upon them by central government, so I suspect some electioneering) or the LibDems who have pledged to improve the direction of existing spending. So not much to choose between them, really.

  2. Well, I suppose the swimwear is a step up from the underwear of the last election. Hopefully the electorate regard all this fluff as trivia and nonesense. However, a signicant proportion of people vote on how they perceive the personalities of the Leaders, and, no doubt, issues of underwear and swimwear are vital components of anyone’s personality…

    Now, if I were a party leader, I would answer ‘matching’ and leave it at that…

  3. BTW, just an observation – now I’m on the individual entry page, there is no simple way, other then the back button, to get to the next or previous entry.

  4. Gert – hit "current blogging" at the head of the navbar on the right. Mind you, Brian of Getting On complained about that before, so I might add a link at the foot of the template.

    I agree with what you say about political fluff (although thank goodness that "fluff" in the UK means matters of little consequence, and not blonde bimboes as it would in the Italian electoral system!). I heard a speaker on Radio 4 the other day saying that the challenge facing politicians is to make the voters think and behave like citizens and not like consumers – in other words, to be more interested in the concepts and content than in the brand and packaging. Somehow I think that that is an impossible dream in today’s society of short attention spans.

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