WP woes – yet more

I’ve found a new problem – the category archives only show the most recent posts when called, and not the entire history of posts in that category.
UPDATE: that’s due to some missing PHP from my index.php file, code that was not required under the old version. Bad update instructions, methinks. I’ll need to figure out what code is required and add it, but it needs to generate "next page" and "previous page" links.
No solutions to any of the other problems yet, and I’m getting increasingly fed up. I’ve asked 34sp.com to check the status of the AllowOverride in my httpd.conf file, but I’ve not yet had a reply from them.

4 Replies to “WP woes – yet more”

  1. You might want to take adavantage of this plugin. It gets round the annoying ‘show the same number of posts on all pages thing.

  2. Ian got there before me with the plugin. Bah.

    However, I agree with you about the update instructions. I had huge problems sorting the things out, because of the way d4d™ runs. Some would say that’s my problem for not running my site as “just” a blog, rather than WPs, but it should still be able to handle things that aren’t entirely standard without hours of hacking about with it.

  3. Not that I’ve even thought of switching to WordPress frankly, because it’s far too much like hard work, but if I *had* been thinking about it, I think your posts over the past few days would have certainly put me off . . .

  4. Ian and Lyle – thanks, I’ll use that along with Gordon’s plugin manager. And I agree with you Lyle.

    Vaughan – it’s a great shame, because previous versions of WP have been wizzo, but they seem to have screwed up slightly with this release. I think that the powers-that-be with WP were under some pressure to issue 1.5 perhaps before it was ready, as previous versions had a few flaws that were being exploited mercilessly by comment spammers. If there is one thing to be said for 1.5, it is that the amount of comment spam is now much diminished (only four since I upgraded, all quarantined and marked for moderation).

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