Tower Defence

I’m finding this game frustrating. No matter what strategy I try, the best score I get is 75. I have even compiled a spreadsheet of the different towers to help me, but I still haven’t got near the creator’s stated high score of 90.

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  1. Hmmmm… I set it going with one ice tower at the bottom of the first column, and four nature towers in the middle of the board, and when I came back to the computer it was at level 71. What’s your best strategy?

  2. I’ve tried clustering the towers together and spreading them across the board – spreading seems to work best. The nature towers are the most powerful if you exclude the flower tower which is very expensive – I’ve never survived long enough to buy one that is beyond the first upgrade, and even then the range is so limited that it is of little value.
    There must be a way to get to the third level flower tower (with the damage rating of 909090), but I haven’t figured it out.

  3. Yeah, I’m assuming that getting 90 revolves around that third level flower tower.

    I find that the nature towers seem to work best when they can shoot directly along the paths, so I tend to position two on each corner. Still only gets me up to level 80 though.

    I’ve been putting the ice tower bottom centre, so that it can reach the right hand side of the board better. Also so that I can put a nature tower at the bottom of the first column, where it does more damage early on in each wave.

  4. so the last two days of my life have been completely obliterated by this darned game. i do not see how it is possible to get the single tower that does the 909090 damage, nor do i think i’d want to – it costs something like 23000 to get it and to save that much is nearly impossible and you i can get almost as much firepower with over twice the range by using ten green towers.

    i got up to 77 by clustering all the green towers in the middle to maximize their effect but that’s the best i could do. any other ideas?

    i can’t believe this silly game has taken over my life. so sad…

  5. I’ve noticed a bug (there are plenty in this game, but it is still addictive, nonetheless). The first flower tower is stated as costing 3000, but although you can not buy one until you have 3000 in the bank, it actually only costs 2000.
    It looks like the game author has tweaked it and not made all the changes necessary for the tweaks to work (or appear to work) smoothly. I would wager that earlier versions were a bit easier.

  6. my friend got the third tower and made it to level 172 he got three of them it pissed me off considering my best score was 80 it was ridiculos

  7. Damn, I scored 78 by grouping nature towers in the middle and upgradin em of course and one water tower upgraded on first 1k-upgrade… I tried to make flower tower and I only made it second level… dunno how to make third… is it posssible? Darn, if your friend did, would he make a vid or somethin?

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