Car update

We got my new car. It had a fault. It went back. They fixed it. Now I’ve found another fault (switch on the rear window washer and water squirts over the front windscreen – not right). It’s not going back for that – we’ll attempt to fix it (new washer motor, say the Renault forums).

Meanwhile, my old car is for sale on Ebay. The auction closes tomorrow night and looks very much like it will sell. Possibly for more than £21.

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  1. Hi mate,
    I used to run the blog “A Large Mango”.

    Just thought you might like to know Itsagoal2 is out! I only just discovered it myself. Head on over at and sign up… challenge me to a friendly too when you do so 🙂 (Mangolian United).

    Hope you’re good too dude,

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