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  • Marketing puff, err, sorry, serious scientific research about the benefits of plants in the office. (Actually, there really are benefits, not just in terms of air quality).
  • via Gordon. Colour me sceptical. Research has shown that *any* plant will improve air quality in an office and the most recent research has suggested that Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily to you) is the most effective of all. Mind you, I think the research was funded by the Spathiphyllum Growers Association. In general, the benefits extend beyond air quality – a green space is generally a pleasant space. My advice: go for palms and the like because the are generally easy to look after, withstand neglect/abuse and don't mind the low light conditions that often exist in an office.

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  1. Ahhh well if you are sceptical I’ll go with your advice!

    Now, do I just hold my palms out, do they have to face a particular direction? and how do I get any work done in the meantime??

  2. That’s what children are for. All you have to do is give them sixpence and they will stand like that all day. What’s more, once the sun goes down, you can get them to go up chimneys and earn another bob or two.

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