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  • Did you know that the EHIC (the fancy plastic replacement for the old E-111) expires after a short period of time? No? Perhaps you ought to check the date on that card in your wallet (or the bottom of the drawer with the passports – wherever you keep it). You might, as I did, get an unpleasant surprise. In any case, you can renew your own card, that of your partner/spouse and those of any dependent children using one easy form at this website.
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  1. And did you know the same happens with your plastic driving licence? They run out after 10 years. Still, they kindly only charge you £17.00 to issue another ten year one.

  2. Gordon Jackson – what a pain! The paper one was good until you retire, so why can’t a plastic one last that long? And the EHIC is free, so why charge for the licence? Yeah, a fee to replace it if you’ve been silly and lost it would be fair, but not just to keep a bunch of computer operators in a job.

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