Welcome to “in light of

Welcome to “in light of all that’s gone before…”, a.k.a. “Son of Grayblog” or “Grayblog II”.
Regular readers of Grayblog may have begun to share my feelings that it was getting a bit too self-gratifying and had reached something of a dead-end. It was also pretty depressing.
In view of the fact that I am trying to be forward-looking and positive, I thought it was time to condemn Grayblog to a dusty corner of the web where few people would find it. If you particularly feel the urge to read the old archives, then mail me and if I’m feeling particularly magnanimous and I like you, then I’ll tell you where they are. Not that I’ve moved them – it’s just that they had a clumsy URL, and all the links are disappearing. Anyone who has links to the archive at their site will find that their links are not broken.

So, what does this new project promise?
– a new design (somewhen soon, I promise – sorry, it’s just a variant on the old design at the moment)
– at least a veneer of cheerfulness
– news, diary and such stuff
– links to interesting websites, including music, news, blogs, sillyness – the usual fodder
– no more Romanians – I think I’ll pick on the Chinese instead
– and, to quote Duckman: “things…..stuff…..more things and stuff”.

Keep the feedback coming in the usual fashion, and “thank you for your continued support”.