in view of the lukewarm

in view of the lukewarm reaction that the new weblog name has attracted, I’ve decided to put it to the test: here is an e-mail poll to ascertain the most popular name for this blog. Thinking with my marketing head, I’ll go with the popular vote as we all know that the best way to satisfy the customer is to give them what they want!
Please vote for your favourite name from those below. All votes in by 9am GMT 31 January (tomorrow) please.
>in light of all that’s gone before…. (i.e. the status quo)
>grayblog (why change?)
>grayblog II
>grayblogzilla (the home of Raymond Burr?)
>grayblogzuki (seems a popular choice in certain circles)
>swampgrayblog (50s B movie theme)
>attack of the 50ft grayblog (an arresting idea – could lead to a bit of a challenge of my abilities with PaintShopPro to come up with a background image for that!)
>it came from planet grayblog