urrrrg – hangover. next time

urrrrg – hangover. next time I go to London for one of these things (or wherever it may be held) I’m going to eat something first!
I had a really good time (even if the woman sat opposite me on the train home thought I was a lunatic!). About twenty or so UKbloggers were in attendance, and I’ll not try to list everyone as I’ll be sure to miss someone out. But highlights included:
– finding out that Luke refers to this site as “The House Of Pain”
– discussing shoe collections, red hair, black ribbed sweaters and Gap cargo pants with Catherine
– talking about nicknames with Nick
– verbalizing my employment situation with Meg, drinking (if that is the correct verb) vodkajelly (thanks!) and discussing the merits/dismerits of living in an overgrown village like Chichester. Hope I didn’t run out of beans!
– I also talked with a whole pile of other people (sorry, it’s a bit hazy – as it comes back to me I’ll try and mention/link you all), but the pile included Ian, Vaughan, Mo, Matt, Cal, Tom, Dave, David ….[will add more later!]
– and finally, arriving at Victoria to find that I had 54 seconds to get from the tube to platform 15, and shouting “oh fuck” at the top of my voice, much to the consternation of at least 50 passers-by (passer-bys? …um…bystanders!).