more nocturnal blogging…. some of

more nocturnal blogging….
some of you may know that I’m a fan of the work of Ben Richards – one of the best thinking British novelists of recent years. I’ve just been out and bought his latest novel A Sweetheart Deal (which I’ll need to delete off my Amazon wishlist). I’d like to reproduce some of the cover-quotes here to encourage you to read his books:
– “Ben Richards could be about to make history – as the first heterosexual male novelist to write a non-prurient lesbian love story…its consequences are shattering, but in unpredicatable, clever ways” (The Times)
– “…sidesteps the vacuity that seems to characterise a great deal of modern, London-based fiction” (Bookseller)
– “….Richards ranges over familiar territory, but never with the facile, lazy eye of his ‘lad’ and ‘chick-lit’ contemporaries” (The Times)
– “original and compelling…deserves to be read” (Independent on Sunday)
I’ll report back with my own opinions as I progress through the pages, but his previous novels have all been excellent, especially The Silver River and Don’t Step on the Lines. Form an orderly queue at your local bookshop now.