possibly a bad plan, but

possibly a bad plan, but I’ve started snooping around other people’s Amazon wishlists (here’s mine, since I know how generous you are) in order to get some sort of insight into the minds of their owners. Here’s a random, but revealing, selection:
Monkey! (I can imagine Robyn running around the playground in her youth shouting “haaaar! munkeeeeeeh!”, much as I did with my mates)
Fat Harry White (Mo turns on the luuuuuurve in his Bedford Rascal)
You Are Being Lied To (makes me wonder if I should ever believe anything I read at Tom‘s site)
Bob the Builder (you begin to wonder how much of this is for Harvey, and how much is actually for Angie!)
Harry Potter (Richard clings stubbornly to his youth)

Not sure what, if anything, can be read into this, but an interesting exercise nonetheless.