ok – let me set

ok – let me set a few things straight. or one thing at least. judging by the things that people have been attempting to communicate by means of the Atomz search function, a few people think I have a thing for Meg. I would like to make clear that, whilst I admire Meg’s writing, enjoy reading notsosoft each day, and, based on the one time we met and a handful of emails and AIM conversations, found her to be most personable, I do not, repeat NOT, have a thing for her.
In fact, at the moment, I do not really have a “thing” for anyone, although I’m pretty excited about meeting up with Sarah again in a few days time. Maybe, given some time with her, I’ll develop a “thing” for her. Time will tell.
Now, to those people who thought that there was something to gossip about, and also the saddos who insist on communicating via the search function – GET A GRIP! guh.