after the polyfilla sesswion, I

after the polyfilla sesswion, I headed out to the Nags for beer with DA, DAGS, Paul F, Mandy, Sacha, Ian, Kearn, Tanya and Jim. Ian bought me a triple vodka and red bull, which I can still taste now! After that, we headed back to Ian’s, drank all his beer but rejected the vodka (lacking any mixer) and listened to his CDs after he and Sacha had gone to bed (accompanied by much sniggering from those of us left downstairs!). I left at 2.30, but Paul, James and Mandy were still going strong.
The walk home was bliss – the city was being washed by a light drizzle, and was totally silent and completely deserted. I love walking home when it is like that – not a single car passed, and the only people I saw were a couple walking in the distance, enjoying the night as well. Chichester is rarely quiet, and certainly isn’t during the day. Sometimes, it isn’t even quiet at night – but if ever it is going to be quiet, it is at 3am. There have even been times when I’ve even been known to sit on the bench outside Marks and Spencer on East Street at 3am, purely to savour the solitude and silence.