book review time, you lucky

book review time, you lucky people. and guess what? – yep, double dose, as I never got round to posting my thoughts on Blue Light.
Blue Light by Walter Mosley was, for me, an intriguing and yet ultimately disappointing book. It’s is a strange combination of science fiction, 60s nostalgia and crazed drug trip. I felt it was a bit slow to start, and I only really got into it after 50 pages or so, but even then you wonder if there are bits of the story that the author has felt he has to tidy up in some brief way because he can’t see how to carry it on. The climax at the end is actually somewhat dampened by the epilogue, which puts a downer on the whole thing, And, as I am fascinated by human relationships and other people’s take on them, there was little in the book to challenge me, in spite of claims on the cover to question “identity, race and humanity”. nah. don’t bother.
Twelve by Vanessa Jones, on the other hand, comes highly recommended. Any comparisons to Helen Fielding undervalue this book by miles. This is much more about human interactions and emotions than pathetic cigarette counts and glasses of Chardonnay. The characters are totally believable (I know some people like them!) and the setting is convincing too. Recommendation: buy it!