I’ve just done something very

I’ve just done something very enjoyable. For a long time (more than three months), my camera has sat on my shelf with a part-exposed film inside of a holiday I’d rather forget. I’ve been pondering what to do with it – discard the film or expose it. Well, tonight was a superb sunny evening (if a bit cold), so as soon as I got home I went out and used the last 24 frames around Chichester. I’ll post the results here (subject to editing) once I have got them processed – I’ve hoped to have caught a little of the atmosphere and character of the place, right from the more touristy stuff like the cathedral spire, down to the minutae of the front door of the archdeanery, through to the contradiction of the Shippams factory in the city centre and the betting office and tattoo parlour next to the old chapel in North Street. Anyway, I’ll post the best pictures on here and you can judge for yourself.