Regular readers will know that

Regular readers will know that I have a deep love for my city. There are some moments when Chichester is just fabulous, and just now was one of them. I’m not quite sure what it is – probably just a combination of a good mood and good surroundings. But I was just walking back from college, having eaten most of a pack of Waitrose caramel hearts (which I highly recommend – naff packaging, lovely chocs!) and I’d had a bit of a laugh with my college friends. So I was in a good mood. It was surprisingly warm, and calm, and the air had that gentle “spring softness” (god, I sound like an ad for fabric conditioner!), the city looked beautiful in a cool blue twilight, and the cathedral bells could be heard drifting across the city (Wednesday is practice night).
It really combined to put a big smile on my face and generally make me feel pretty damn good. I’m so lucky to live here.