I’m tired, hungover and a

I’m tired, hungover and a little maudlin.
Yesterday and last night were brilliant – great company with brilliant friends, lots of lovely pressies (full list and thanks will follow later) and lots of beer and crisps. We kept going til late, there’s been a pistachio explosion in my living room and there are holes in my memory.
But this morning I woke up on my own, nobody in the flat but me, no cup of tea on the bedside table, no smiling eyes looking gently into mine, no tender fingers caressing my body awake. sigh
And today’s horoscope:

Something changed when you weren’t looking, but you can’t put your finger on what it is exactly. All you know is that old familiarity is lost in new weirdness. This could be a good time to open yourself up to new possibilities. Oddities appear around every turn, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. You may be out of the loop today, but tomorrow could find you back in the center of things. Live in the moment while you have the chance.

That’s exactly how I feel.